Did you read all of the tour pages?
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If you skipped straight to this page, I admit — I do the same thing.
I figure "Why take 20 minutes to read everything if I couldn't afford it anyway?"

So ... quickly scroll down to the pricing charts,
realize that my program really is surprisingly affordable,
... and then go read the rest of the tour.

My pricing philosophy

I have always been mindful of price and value for my clients. I know that as carpet cleaners, you do physical work for every dollar you earn. I also know that marketing is an ongoing monthly investment in time and dollars for the growth of your business.

I want you to keep more of your money. And I also want to make sure that this program grows and thrives for the benefit of everyone. I could price my services a lot higher, but I don't need to. I'm an owner-operator like many of you, so I don't have much overhead, and my staff consists of myself and Barbara.

However, my current prices compare with the costs of a typical SEO alone. Or a typical high-quality website alone. Or elite quality article ghost writing alone. Basically, you're getting 3 premium services for the price of 1. And no one else offers you a place in an elegant nationwide website:The Mothership and Group Power/Pricing, and never-ending growth and improvement for your website and my coaching with social media, review sites, and third-party services.


If you're a top-quality service professional • if you've been in business for at least 5 years • if you have strong local branding • if you have a 5-star customer service personality • if you primarily use Hot Water Extraction methods • if you have more than ten 5-star reviews and an average of 4.7 stars • if you keep your rig spotless • if you tackle the toughest problems • if you keep your attire tidy and professional • if you price your services fairly and with integrity • if you have strong industry training and certifications • if you don't compromise on the quality and power of your Hot Water Extraction equipment — then I want you to join The Solid Setup, or please tell me what's holding you back.


*FREE Consultation*
and then if we're the right fit...

New Clients: $495 one-time set-up fee

Current Clients: $295 one-time set-up fee

Limited-time Special:

"The Shutdown Special"
$100 off the one-time fee shown above for everyone!

And then,
Choose a Level Below:

The Solid Setup Level 1

  • Premium Website
  • 6 New Pages / Year
  • New Model in 4 years
  • Local SEO Basic
  • Social Media Advice
  • Mothership 1 Free City*
  • Bi-Monthly updates
New Clients:
Current Clients:
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The Solid Setup Level 2

  • Premium Website
  • 12 New Pages / Year
  • New Model in 3 years
  • Local SEO Level 2
  • Social Media Help
  • Mothership 1 Free City*
  • Monthly updates
New Clients:
Current Clients:
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Prices shown above are for the first 2 years, reflecting "current customer discount".

The Solid Setup Level 3

  • Set-up Fee Waived
  • Premium Website
  • 18 New Pages / Year
  • New Model in 2 years
  • Local SEO Level 3
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Mothership 1 Free City*
  • Monthly updates
New Clients:
Current Clients:
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The Accelerated Setup

A temporary level (3-6 months) for highly competitive markets (cities), to catch up to your competitors.
1 New Page / Week:
• Articles
• Landing Pages
($935/month value)
Call to Discuss.

New Clients:
Current Clients:
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If you don't want to raise your monthly level,
but you want a one-time build of Landing Pages or Blog Articles:
The a la carte price for articles and landing pages is $200/page —
written, styled, connected, and uploaded for you,
with all the input you want to contribute.
It's your page!

Apply Now! No Obligation.
Because space is limited, let's save your space.

Comparison Pricing:
The typical market costs for carpet cleaners may run like this:
  • Typically, SEO is about $200 - $300 a month.
  • Websites usually cost $1800 - $4000, and depreciate faster than a car.
  • Business Hosting, plus a Secure Certificate, usually runs around $50/month
  • Article Ghost Writing Services: typically $250 for each article — written, styled, and published.